To whom it may concern, we have hired Gennadiy Chentsov in the summer of 2004 for services as an English speaking tour guide in the city of St. Petersburg.

We found him to be excellent in all of his presentations as having an exceptional knowledge in every aspect of all the tours. We found him to be a very good driver and also being very prompt in our appointments. I gave two recommendations to our friends which they also were very pleased. He has mastered the English very well.

David and Mary Ann Urane
Downey, California U.S.A.


I'm happy to be a reference for you; good luck with what you're doing. Let me know if I can help in any other way.

I have known Gennadiy Chentsov for the last 4 years. He has been my English-speaking guide, driver and translator during my eight visits to St. Petersburg. As a driver, Gennady is always dependable and on time, knows the city well, and is a skilled and safe driver.

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As an English-speaking translator he is an excellent communicator; he is very fluent in English and understands the needs of his clients.

Finally, as a guide, Gennadiy is the best I've had the pleasure to work with. His knowledge of the history of St. Petersburg, Russia and its art and architecture is truly amazing. He has many times guided me and my guests and friends through the historical sights of the St. Petersburg area. Each time it is a most enjoyable and memorable learning experience.

Gennadiy Chentsov has my complete trust and highest recommendation as an English-speaking translator, driver, and superb guide to the St. Petersburg area.

John C. Ely
Chicago, Illinois USA


For three vacations I have used Gennadiy Chentsov to host my time in St Petersburg, Russia.

He is comfortably competent in English and extremely knowledgeable in Russian history and arts. He is flexible in being available when you need him - day or evening.

As a guide and driver he is excellent. Without reservation I recommend him to assist you in having a wonderful time in St Petersburg.

Ed Pemberton
1332 Scotsbury Circle
Knoxville, Tennessee USA


It is my pleasure to give the highest recommendation for Mr. Gennadiy Chentsov's excellent services.

Mr. Chentsov is such a professional. He is dependable, extremely knowledgeable, and intelligent. His English is excellent and the service that he offers has helped make a world of difference to the success of the projects that I have been in Russia working on.

He has provided me with transportation, has been a most interesting speaking guide through many of St. Petersburg's museums, and much, much more.

I cannot recommend more highly Mr. Chentsov and the service he provides.

Most sincerely,
Dr. Sherry Durrett.


Thanks a lot for your help, assistance and guiding during our stay.

It was perfect. Both my mother and I would want to thank you once again.

Until next time


Dear Gennadiy:
Thank you for providing an excellent time in your showing us special aspects of St. Petersburg. It was very interesting and memorable. I hope there will be another occasion for us to spend time together.

All the best,
Sam Zalkow


Thank you for a great time in St. Petersburg. I will continue to send your business card to others whom I feel are interested.

Best of luck and of life!

Laurie A. Reinacher, M.A., L.P.C., DAPA
Executive Director/Founder